Spring game 01

Game created based on an idea of Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) - Closed on 2015-04-26


a - Seeds

3 nouns are arbitrarily chosen to be used as seeds

b - Branches

By free association (automatism) or any other method he likes, each player associates 1 new noun to each of the 3 initial nouns.
The results are collected in order to constitute a body of nouns
For example if there are 10 players, the corpus will consist of 30 nouns. (plus the 3 initial nouns)

c - Leaves

Each player writes a text using verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc. as he likes,but no other noun than the nouns that belong to the corpus. Every noun in the corpus may be used once, several times or not at all.
At the end we will have several different automatic texts (or not) by using the given nouns.

Seeds :

Honeysuckle, Storm, Shore.

Branches :

Sources :

Mary Jacob : Mandrake, Ice, Assertion - Evi Möchel (aka Zazie) :Ginger, Passion, Smoke - Joseph Rollin : Snake, Horse, Block - Dale Houstman : Cradle, Mortar, Knots - Renay Kerk : Jar, Fox, Gate - Craig S Wilson : Glass Spray Mantle - Willem den Broeder : Work, Plant, Nose - David Nadeau : Egg, Apocalypse, Civilization - Yousef Smith : Town, City, Hamlet - Martin Marriott : Paunch, Envelope, Cum -  Stephen Kirin : Fork, Ape, Star - Mark Anthony Whiteford : Confetti, Love,  Sycamore - Jaan Patterson : Operculum, Gap, Sagitta.

Resulting set of nouns :

Honeysuckle, Storm, Shore, Mandrake, Ice, Assertion, Ginger, Passion, Smoke, Snake, Horse, Block, Cradle, Mortar, Knots, Jar, Fox, Gate, Glass, Spray, Mantle, Work, Plant, Nose, Town, City, Hamlet, Paunch, Envelope, Cum , Fork, Ape, Star, Confetti, Love, Sycamore, Operculum, Gap, Sagitta, Egg, Apocalypse, Civilisation.

Leaves (Texts)

Renay Kerk :

The gap in the glass revealed the frightening town below: a star eating a storm with a fork, a sneaky snake full of smoke and passion, a dreary manila envelope full of sticky honeysuckle and cum and -- most disturbing -- the plotting fox hid in a cradle by the gate ready to blast the hamlet with confetti and mortar.

Dale Houstman :

Civilization Envelope

Sycamore fox, spray of glass,

the honeysuckle gate has a paunch
where smoke bleeds a star into a jar.

The mandrake is ice and ginger,
The storm is only a fork's assertion
of shore's confetti, of cradle and work.

Mortar operculum! Egg apocalypse! Gap in passion's snake-horse!

Where are the knots and the block
which were the mantle of plant cum?
Where are the sagitta apes of love?
Where the nose of town, city, and hamlet?

Mary Jacob

Before the egg apocalypse breaks,
after the fox knocks the gate ajar,
in the gap between

ice assertion and confetti love,
arises the spray of smoke passion
and the storm of sycamore.

John Adams

Love Not Confetti

Passion's smoke emanates

from a mantle of snakes.
When the storm comes
the city will be a mandrake egg
ripe for the sycamore apocalypse.
Storms against mortar
knot the glass operculum.
Horses across the plains
cum confetti
and drown civilization in ice.

Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) :

Risen from the cradle you shot the stars. Sagitta is not the same anymore and our love is covered with confetti since. dirty gaps in the blocks of a booming city eject lots of snakes crawling into your nose, eyeless glass is jamming your operculum. Tell me. Do you like the knots in our passion for Hamlet ? Lately the envelope hermetically sealed released a storm. Rotten eggs smell of ginger, honeysuckles and mandrakes cannot reach the shore, only the sycamore is doing its work. A jar full of smoke floating over the paunch of civilisation disgusts you. A glass horse passes by ignoring everything. Another storm breaks out and carries away all the false assertions. The apocalypse loses its mantle and melts the ice offshore. The fox is dead.

Craig S Wilson :

Storm in a glass envelope hamlet! The operculum smoke snake versus the mandrake on the shore. Sycamore civilization, honeysuckle fork spray; the apocalypse cum town, ginger ice paunch, nose plant cradle and mortar. Sagitta passion horse blocks the mantle in a fox confetti jar, which apes love. The star knots work.

David Nadeau :

The confetti of a civilisation in an envelope send by Hamlet's egg to the knots of assertion. The paunch of the Sagitta contains the cradle of the apocalypse. Spray of star on the mortar of love, ginger storm cum. It works.

Jaan Patterson :

When causing honeysuckle knots, you should try to work at the gate of sagitta,- cooling a mandrake gently after the storm to sooth your needs. It may seem impossible at first, but if you seriously cum on the city of hamlet and insist on walking proudly the paunch through town, you will keep noticing the gap reveals a fox sycamore that is bewildered by the ape of love. Take certain care, while passing the envelope only using a fork just as pretending you are throwing confetti. If you follow the plant, it will seem as you have been living on a egg horse or in a jar, but don’t pay and assume you’re done yet. It needs devoted close mortar tied nose appealing, so glass won’t hinder the passion to find the magical ginger at the shore of the risen block star. Then at last you should feel that you have become a glowing assertion spray of ice. At the very last wear your nose as snake. You’re done.

Joseph Rollin :

Mandrake, who temporarily was a fox riding a horse, opened the gates of his hamlet and went out searching for some plant looking like honeysuckle. He fell upon a snake that was making wonderful knots in a cradle and he made the snake fall asleep with a poisonous spray. Then he captured the snake with a fork and dropped it in a jar that he sealed with his cum and some mortar. And he sent the whole thing without any envelope towards the stars that were spread high above him like confetti.
Quite proud of that, he closed his mantle to which his personal ape was clinging as if possessed by the passion of love, and, after breathing some ginger, he followed his nose across huge blocks of ice, shining like glass, and urged towards the shore near the City of the Sycamore in order to watch the storms and smokes of Apocalypse destroy a loathly civilisation.

Yousef Smith :

His Assertion was that his Nose Spray would turn into Mortar upon the Shore of Honeysuckle Confetti.
The Operculum Cum flap Gap revealed the Horse ate the Snake who ate the Mandrake and Ginger-eating Ape.

Sagitta was reflected in the Glass Star, beyond the Town of Sycamore inside the Envelope of Passion Smoke.
Paunch Hamlet went to Work in the City of Cradle Gate at the Fork n Jar Fox Plant seeking his Ice Storm of Love, wearing his Block Knots Mantle.

Stephen Kirin :

The mortar block at the glass gate expands my passion....a smoke snake on the mandrake shore collects my cum....she denies his sycamore operculum,but the ginger love ape still knots its storm cradle.

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