Spring game 02

Game created based on an idea of Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) - Closed on 2015-05-06


a - Seeds

None. No seeds used in this Spring Game 02.

b - Branches

Each player gives 3 nouns. The results are collected in order to constitute a body of nouns

c - Leaves

Each player writes a text using verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc. as he likes,but no other noun than the nouns that belong to the corpus. Every noun in the corpus may be used once, several times or not at all.

Seeds :


Same game as the Spring Game 01 but without the "seeds" step. We only use nouns related to our actual life... things that happened recently or nouns concerning politics, wars, national phenomenons etc. Nouns concerning actuality everywhere in the world.

Branches :

Sources :

Mary JacobCapital, Corporations, Lies - Evi Möchel (aka Zazie) :Mediterranean, Debris, Hope- Joseph Rollin : Takfiri, Neoliberalism, Debt - Dale Houstman : Entrance, Corruption, Partnership - Renay Kerk : Kill, Spy, Poison - Craig S WilsonAntarctic, Volcano, Clouds - Kazmier MaslankaSanshin, Tongdosa, Ksitigarbha - David Nadeau : Propaganda, Misery, Riots - Jaan PattersonSeism, Control, Garbage.

Resulting set of nouns :

Mediterranean, Debris, Hope -  Takfiri, Neoliberalism, Debt - Capital, Corporations, Lies - Terrorist, Christian, Clown - Seism, Control, Garbage - Propaganda, Misery, Riots - Kill, Spy, Poison - Sanshin, Tongdosa, Ksitigarbha - Entrance, Corruption, Partnership - Antarctic, Volcano,  Clouds.

Leaves (Texts)

Renay Kerk :

Surprisingly, the poison and propaganda of the annoying clown turned out to be an elaborate entrance to clouds--dragging the spy upward, through dancing debris, a voluptuous volcano, methodical misery, uncanny corruption amid a riot of lies--until the kill became clearly a partnership between a tiny terrorist and a crispy Christian--all hope cast down to the Antarctic and Mediterranean, crushing the garbage of corporations and capital.

Mary Jacob

In the propaganda debris after the volcano erupted, a partnership of corruption enticed the corporations to link with terrorists for clown seism control. In the ensuing Antarctic clouds, only clown neoliberalism monitored the entrance to the Mediterranean. However, hope killed that spy with poison, as debt and capital both disintegrated into garbage, dissolving all lies and easing the misery of riots.

John Adams

A tungsten night bleeds poison coagulating in the corruptive bins of misery. Antartic garbage oozes at the black tide as volcanoes eclipse the neoliberal sky. Ksitigarbha's ghost has returned calling forth snakes from the entrance of Tongdosa at his enemies while fruit flies turn into rain. An seism divides the mediterranean like a torn heart. The Christians have spoken. All ink is propaganda.

Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) :

Are we in a partnership ?
Do you think that we can find the entrance of the Antarctic volcano ?
Pushing the clouds crabwise ?

I know it ! You will play the Sanshin while i am collecting the poison of hope.
Hope ? What kind of hope am I thinking of ?
Maybe the hope a smiling clown is giving to you ? A clown who survived the seism of lies ?
You wanna get your control back, but it is only a big misery, ok ok go on, go collecting the debris of your own propaganda.
You will get nowhere.
All the riots are settling me down and it is a pleasure for me to dig in your garbage. Yes in your own garbage.
I am restless.
Let´s go eat out with one of these Takfiris, I will invite a Christian to lap our partnership..
What is everybody telling ? Hope is dying at the very end...or something like this.....
There is a spy who opened the entrance to.....to what ?
To regain control while making love with the terrorist.
We call this a corporation.

Craig S Wilson :

The terrorist Antarctic clown riots against corruption with a capital spy Takfiri at the entrance to Tongdosa. The seism volcano lies in Mediterranean garbage debris. Corporations in Sanshin and Ksitigarbha make a poison debt partnership with neoliberalism; they will kill to control misery, lies and hope with propaganda.

David Nadeau :

The Christian poison of the terrorist clowns turns the Mediterranean into garbage, propaganda and lies. Corruption controls misery and debt. The Antarctic Clouds of Sanshin are the spies of hope, conspiring in partnership with the volcano of riots and the entrance of the seisms. In Tongdosa and Takfiri, they kill the Corporations and the Capital.

Jaan Patterson :

Paternally punching the Mediterranean debris with Takfiri left only neoliberalism and garbage propaganda. While the Christian spy and their clown corruption aimed to kill the riots, it only just caused seism in the clouds by adding misery. Hence the capital volcano hummed like a terrorist Sanshin, spreading poison and lies about the Antarctic partnership in debt. “Unsorted the able” we screamed desperately vague towards the corporations!

Joseph Rollin :

Capital and Neoliberalism, all this corruption, lies and propaganda work in partnership with the Takfiri terrorists, and the Christian clowns help as well. There is little hope to avoid all this control, misery and garbage and to prevent this poison to reach even the Antarctic -- the Mediterranean is full of debris already -- unless a volcano, or a seism of riots is deliberately created. Otherwise even the clouds of Sanshin, Tongdosa, Ksitigarbha will not protect us. And we may well happen to miss the entrance,

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